For the love of reading

We would like our children to be confident readers, which is a gift for life. It will cost approximately £3700 to purchase new reading books and replace the old, worn-out copies across all reading stages at Graveney Primary School.

How to raise money for new reading books

1. join the walking marathon

1. join the walking marathon

As an individual, a family or a group of friends, you can easily set up your own fundraising campaign on or Share your campaign with friends and family who can support your fundraising goal.

2. The Big Reading Challenge: Donate online or offline

We are currently running The Big Reading Challenge: an online fundraiser to celebrate reading at home and school and to raise money for purchasing new reading books.

3. send a direct donation to school

Graveney Primary School can also accept direct donations. Please contact the school for the bank account details and use the reference "books" for your donations.